Thursday, 14 July 2011


I saw Bridesmaids today with my dad (only guy in the cinema,) and it was okay. Like, don't get me wrong, I did laugh. But it was kind of try-hard and not very spontaneous. But it was a nice way to waste an afternoon. I really really really wish I was at a midnight screening of ol' Harry P tonight, but I didn't get my ass in gear when the tickets came out. My friend's mum got tickets to some exclusive Warner Brothers screening, so he's already seen it, the bastadddd.

Those Jeffrey Campbells I posted the other day have been playing on my mind, I want a pair soooo bad, so I'm gonna have to wait until Christmas, and hope my mummy loves me. Until then, I've found my substitute....... (exciting I know.) These shoes are from a website called romwe (google it,) and are really similar in shape, but not wooden :(
Retro Styling Thick Heel Black Sandals
Pretty nice huh? Don't know why they've got a massive space around them, but I'm actually really bad at computers, so love me! They cost £28.87 and there's free shipping, HIA! So I put them in my basket and they're on the way :) As for the shorts? I'm still looking into diy, and ebay toooo. Hope your day was good and the weather gets better, I hate grey skies.
jeannine, me and theo


  1. Jeffrey Campbells are my favorite type of shoes! Cute post (:

  2. that website has so many cute things on !

  3. Ah I love Jeffrey Campbells! Those shoes are amazing!

    xo Maddy

  4. love those shoes!