Sunday, 10 July 2011


These Jeffrey Campbell babies need to find their way into my wardrobe as soon as possible. The only heels I own at the moment are my wedges from New Look, which I wear EVERYWHERE, and some sequinned peeptoes, also from New Look. I thought the sequins were cool, but they're just naff and trashy. These shoes, on the other hand, are so perfect for me; not toooo dressy but not casual at alllll. Oh hummanhajshiufhiuw drroooooool! Does anyone know where I could buy some in the UK? 

Ah these shorts are again perfect. Probably need longer legs, but cry me a river I can cope. I need some studded shorts anyway, and Runwardreamz is all over facey b/tumblr, and their designs are perfect, but again SO expensive. I know I could make some by adding my own studs, but things are always more special when you've wanted them for ages right?

I also need a leather jacket. I KNOW I KNOW it's July, but we live in England, I need a raincoat practically all year round! It was my birthday a few weeks back, and I'm yet to choose a present, so anyone got any good shops for un jaqueeeet?

lovelovelove xxxxxxxxxx


  1. Love the Jeffrey Campbell shoes! My friend has them in black and they just the best shoes to go out in or just wear around town. I found my pair of JC on ebay so maybe try and look there first?

    Love the shorts as well, and I agree, as soon as I am back in the UK, I am looking for the perfect leather jacket!

  2. The Jeffrey Campbell's are amazing! I'd suggest ebay as well maybe? My friend just bought an amazing leather jacket from All Saints if that helps, cost about £150 though! xx

  3. Those shorts are amazing.

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  4. Good choice on the JCs! They are on my wish list as well!

  5. The Litas are amazing aren't they! There are an unbelievable amount of colour options as well - the grey are super cute, but I saw some awesome glittery ones! They're pretty tricky to get a hold of I think - a lot of people I know have had to pay extortionate prices for shipping and importing!
    I wish I had some!
    Thanks for the comment :) xx

  6. the shorts are amazing!xx

  7. Thanks guysssssss :) be sure to follow, im running a little low hahah <3

  8. Also lusting after some jeffrey campbells! there just lovely, i know office do some but not a great selection.. best bet to just go on the jeffrey campbell website and they have a list of all their stockists :)

  9. I wish I could wear a raincoat all year round.

    / Avy

  10. Hi Ellie! I recently found your blog and I love it! I just started following :) It'd make my day if you could follow me back <3
    Thanks, Laura xxx

  11. i love the jeffrey campbell shoes, i still need to get hold of some litas! absolutely in lust with them.

  12. Our giveaway for a pair of Runwaydreamz shorts just ended! We LOOOOOOOOOOVE them. We also rock leather all year round ;)

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    T & J