Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sunday loving.

I'm going to Cannes in 8 days and I cannot waaaaait! My house is driving me mental; the other day my dad lost his house keys and we had to go on a massive search, and when we found them he said 'yeah i knew they were there all along...' so I lost an hour and a half of my life and he knew they were there all along!!!!! Also it's massive sadtimes because my brother applied to loads of grad schemes for advertising and he's just found out his email address has stopped working so someone might have offered him a job and he wouldn't know :(((((

This week I had a look round UCL which was really nice, but I don't really want to stay in London for uni - I'd rather go elsewhere. What d'you guys think? Then I went to Covent Garden with some amigos, and got chatted up by an old, Italian man, who was wearing a vest, ewww. 

Last night I went to my friend's house in High Street Ken, we went to a Mexican Bar and then back to hers for some sushi, wine and poker! This week I'm going to be shopping for ma holiday, and also buying some smart stuff for work experience when I get back. Hope your weekends were good and the week ahead is filled with many joyous occasions (lol, but seriously have fun bitchezzzzz.)

lallie and me

marina, me and our poker chips (we lost)


Thursday, 14 July 2011


I saw Bridesmaids today with my dad (only guy in the cinema,) and it was okay. Like, don't get me wrong, I did laugh. But it was kind of try-hard and not very spontaneous. But it was a nice way to waste an afternoon. I really really really wish I was at a midnight screening of ol' Harry P tonight, but I didn't get my ass in gear when the tickets came out. My friend's mum got tickets to some exclusive Warner Brothers screening, so he's already seen it, the bastadddd.

Those Jeffrey Campbells I posted the other day have been playing on my mind, I want a pair soooo bad, so I'm gonna have to wait until Christmas, and hope my mummy loves me. Until then, I've found my substitute....... (exciting I know.) These shoes are from a website called romwe (google it,) and are really similar in shape, but not wooden :(
Retro Styling Thick Heel Black Sandals
Pretty nice huh? Don't know why they've got a massive space around them, but I'm actually really bad at computers, so love me! They cost £28.87 and there's free shipping, HIA! So I put them in my basket and they're on the way :) As for the shorts? I'm still looking into diy, and ebay toooo. Hope your day was good and the weather gets better, I hate grey skies.
jeannine, me and theo

Sunday, 10 July 2011


These Jeffrey Campbell babies need to find their way into my wardrobe as soon as possible. The only heels I own at the moment are my wedges from New Look, which I wear EVERYWHERE, and some sequinned peeptoes, also from New Look. I thought the sequins were cool, but they're just naff and trashy. These shoes, on the other hand, are so perfect for me; not toooo dressy but not casual at alllll. Oh hummanhajshiufhiuw drroooooool! Does anyone know where I could buy some in the UK? 

Ah these shorts are again perfect. Probably need longer legs, but cry me a river I can cope. I need some studded shorts anyway, and Runwardreamz is all over facey b/tumblr, and their designs are perfect, but again SO expensive. I know I could make some by adding my own studs, but things are always more special when you've wanted them for ages right?

I also need a leather jacket. I KNOW I KNOW it's July, but we live in England, I need a raincoat practically all year round! It was my birthday a few weeks back, and I'm yet to choose a present, so anyone got any good shops for un jaqueeeet?

lovelovelove xxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 9 July 2011

well hello

my week;

001. so i've been on 'summer,' which has been really nice and relaxing. i have, however, spent toooo much money on travel and coffee. i live in zone 5 of london, but most of my friends live very central, or in the putney/richmond area. so i have to spend loads of munz getting to kensington (dahling,) or elsewhere. and then, on my way there, i'm all 'i'll just have a drink/read a mag,' so more of my money goes!

002. i've applied to a job at a topshop near me, but they're only giving out 4 hour contracts, and should i tell them that i'll have to leave in september?! but it's quite chilled as i have about a year of topshop experience right?

003. my dad's cousin is here to stay, along with his wife and his two kids, (a boy and a girl, aged 13 and 10 respectively.) They're from Minnesota, and are so 90s! Literally, they all came in matching tshirts, tucked into matching acid wash jeans, hilaaaarious. but they're really nice so i hope they have a good time in the uk.

au revs mes amis - reminds me of the book about french literature i should be reading (excuse me while i fall asleep...)

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Dinner Party.

It's FINALLY summer holidays, I broke up last Saturday. That night, my friend had her 17th; a dinner party at her dad's house. When I say house I'm lying. IT WAS HUGE. There were about 30 of us eating dinner and drinking wine, how civilised. Wanna seeeeeeee?
me loving the wine m8888

me and rob modelling (the camera clearly loves us)

how pretty was the table?

So far I've been pretty relaxed with the summer. I've planned to go to Cannes, as my friend has a house there, and I also want to go to Edinburgh for the last two weeks of August, for the festival. But I NEED A JOB. Anyone think of anything I can do? I'm 17 and live in LANDAAAAN!
love love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx