Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sunday loving.

I'm going to Cannes in 8 days and I cannot waaaaait! My house is driving me mental; the other day my dad lost his house keys and we had to go on a massive search, and when we found them he said 'yeah i knew they were there all along...' so I lost an hour and a half of my life and he knew they were there all along!!!!! Also it's massive sadtimes because my brother applied to loads of grad schemes for advertising and he's just found out his email address has stopped working so someone might have offered him a job and he wouldn't know :(((((

This week I had a look round UCL which was really nice, but I don't really want to stay in London for uni - I'd rather go elsewhere. What d'you guys think? Then I went to Covent Garden with some amigos, and got chatted up by an old, Italian man, who was wearing a vest, ewww. 

Last night I went to my friend's house in High Street Ken, we went to a Mexican Bar and then back to hers for some sushi, wine and poker! This week I'm going to be shopping for ma holiday, and also buying some smart stuff for work experience when I get back. Hope your weekends were good and the week ahead is filled with many joyous occasions (lol, but seriously have fun bitchezzzzz.)

lallie and me

marina, me and our poker chips (we lost)



  1. These are cute! Why don't you want to stay in london? It depends what subject you want to do I suppose but for fashion/closely related things i'd stay. x hivenn

  2. I want to do french and maths so i can go elsewhere haha :) just because ive lived in the big ldn all my life, and i know ill live here later on so it would be nice to experience somewhere else just to prove that i loooove it :) XXXXXXXX

  3. ahh my goodness.. cannes! have so much fun.. it's going to be hot:)

  4. Oh my gosh I've always wanted to go to Cannes. Have fun! Hope you visit back c:
    Izzy xo

  5. aw, your blog is so sweet :)