Saturday, 9 July 2011

well hello

my week;

001. so i've been on 'summer,' which has been really nice and relaxing. i have, however, spent toooo much money on travel and coffee. i live in zone 5 of london, but most of my friends live very central, or in the putney/richmond area. so i have to spend loads of munz getting to kensington (dahling,) or elsewhere. and then, on my way there, i'm all 'i'll just have a drink/read a mag,' so more of my money goes!

002. i've applied to a job at a topshop near me, but they're only giving out 4 hour contracts, and should i tell them that i'll have to leave in september?! but it's quite chilled as i have about a year of topshop experience right?

003. my dad's cousin is here to stay, along with his wife and his two kids, (a boy and a girl, aged 13 and 10 respectively.) They're from Minnesota, and are so 90s! Literally, they all came in matching tshirts, tucked into matching acid wash jeans, hilaaaarious. but they're really nice so i hope they have a good time in the uk.

au revs mes amis - reminds me of the book about french literature i should be reading (excuse me while i fall asleep...)


  1. Just found your blog. Totally cute.
    Always wanted to go to boarding school like in Mallory Towers or the Twins at Saint Clares.
    I went to an all girls Grammer which was the closest I could get. So I'll be interested to see what you write come term time again!
    Keep up the good work!

    Polly ♥

  2. i worked in retail for a while and got an 8hr contract but they always needed me to work like 20hrs a week. so you should be ok if you get the topshop job :) x

  3. Thaaaaank yaaaa :) My school is classssique boarding; they filmed parts of St Trinians 2 there! XXXXX

    And thanks Vicki, handed in my CV today so fingers crossed!!! XXXX